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Homeoprophylaxis And Therapy For West Nile Virus


West Nile Virus is an influenza-like sickness that’s unfold by mosquitoes. Signs of West Nile Virus in gentle instances resemble flu-like signs, together with fever, headache and physique aches. Some individuals may additionally develop a light rash or swollen lymph glands. For individuals with extra extreme sickness, signs may embrace the speedy onset of extreme headache, excessive fever, stiff neck, nausea, problem swallowing, vomiting, drowsiness, confusion, lack of consciousness, lack of coordination, muscle weak spot and paralysis.

The very best protection in opposition to West Nile is, after all, prevention of mosquito bites. It’s little identified, although, that a few of the greatest mosquito repellant is pure, non-toxic, and brought orally. That is the homeopathic treatment Staphysagria. When taken orally earlier than going outdoors, inside 30 minutes you’ll not appear so tasty. Mosquitoes might land, however they won’t chunk. Within the 1960s, Trexler proved Staphysagria to be 90% efficient at stopping mosquito bites. Do you have to be bitten, nevertheless, Staphysagria will scale back the severity of the chunk and reduce your probability of falling ailing from West Nile or different mosquito-borne ailments. I like to recommend it within the 4DH efficiency to stop insect bites. Along with mosquitoes, it can defend in opposition to tips, lice, fleas, wasps, bees, mites, black flies, noseeums, and different biting and stinging bugs, in addition to lowering ache, itching and different hostile results.

In confirmed instances of West Nile Virus, there are different homeopathic treatments to think about. For the flu-like signs of West Nile (fever, headache and physique aches), use Oscillocinum, repeated each two hours from the onset of signs. Eupatorium perfoliatum additionally helps with physique aching within the bones, soreness with restlessness, and headache. For speedy onset of fever and different signs, and for emotions of panic or concern, use Aconitum. For stiff neck, drowsiness, weak spot, physique aches, and swollen lymph nodes, Gelsemium is indicated. For confusion, weak spot, dullness, and crimson face with fever, Baptisia. Lathyrus and Curare are useful for paralysis in several instances, however please seek the advice of a homeopath in these instances.

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Different treatments to think about for insect bites embrace Urtica urens for burning, itching, and stinging, Grindelia and Cedron for intermittent fevers and rheumatic complaints, and Ledum palustre for puncture wounds and irritation. Ledum palustre, like Staphysagria, additionally acts as an oral mosquito repellant.

Homeopathic medication is, by definition, non-toxic, and doesn’t work together with drugs or topical purposes. Using homeopathic treatments to stop mosquito bites has many benefits. Standard insect repellants might be smelly, poisonous, inconvenient, and laborious on the surroundings.


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