Will a dormant STD,STI show up on test?

So I'm having my boyfriend go get tested for STI's and I know that some STI's can stay dormant contained by your body for years or as long as your life. And that sometimes you can just be a carrier of the disease. So I hold two questions.
ill a dormant STI show up on tests?
2. If you are just a possessor of the disease will it show up on tests?
Answers:    possibly -discuss this contained by detail with your gyn & use condoms.
If here are enough antibodies to give you a result then it should show up on a testing. Some stds / stis can take up to a few months or a few years to develop enough antibodies to test for. So if he suspects the he may enjoy one then he should be tested regularly for it. Some stds like to play "hide and seek" on blood work when it's dormant. Some times it will show positive some times distrustful. Ask your doctor about the stis your worried about and ask how soon they can test accurately for it.
Some STDs may not have symptoms for a long time, but wil show up on tests inside 3-6 months. For instance, it could take years for someone who has HIV to develop symptoms, but more than 98% of people who enjoy HIV would test positive within 3 months after getting infected. In very occasional cases, it could take up to 6 months for someone who has HIV to test positive. Many ancestors believe that because it could take years for symptoms of HIV to show up, it could take that long for someone to test positive. That is not true.

It is enormously important to remember that once someone is infected, they can transmit the STD to others, even before they have symptoms, and even in the past they test positive. Source(s): I do HIV education and testing.

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