What are the long and short occupancy effects of syphilis?

I would love to know the long and short term effects of syphilis!
Left untreated, secondary syphilis may develop into the tertiary stage resulting in damage to internal organs, including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessel, liver, bones and joints. The damage can
be serious enough to bring death.

II. Short Term Effects (Symptoms)

In nonspecific, painless sores and swollen lymph nodes are symptoms of primary syphilis. Those with secondary syphilis may also have frenzy, fatigue, aches and pains, and loss of appetite, among other symptoms. Tertiary syphilis causes heart, brain, and nervous system problems.

A. Primary syphilis
earance of a single firm, small, round, painless sore (chancre) or multiple sores at site of entry.
-Chancre last 3-6 weeks and heals without treatment.
-Infection progresses to secondary stage minus treatment.

-Development of a rough non-itchy rash (typically red or reddish brown spots) .
-Rash may appear as chancre is healing or may whip several weeks to present.
-Rash characteristically forms on palms of hand and bottoms of feet (may occur on other parts of the body).
h may be faint in appearance and step unrecognized.

Additional Non-specific symptoms may also be experienced:
e throat
-patchy hair loss
-head aches
-weight loss

Symptoms of minor treatment are self-limited, but without treatment infection will progress to latent and tertiary stages. The secondary stage of syphilis is repeatedly unrecognized because:

h may mimic that seen within other infections and be diagnosed as such,
-non-specific symptoms are diagnosed as flu or other self-limited illness.
-Latent syphilis

-May progress to tertiary syphilis within one year or may pocket many years .

C. Tertiary syphilis
iary syphilis results in damage to internal organs including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessel, liver, bones and joints.

Symptoms may include:

-gradual blindness
D. Congenital syphilis

T. pallidum may be passed from an infected mother to her unborn child during pregnancy. Congenital syphilis may result in stillbirth or death shortly after birth. Although infected infants may be born minus obvious signs of infection, serious problems may develop within a few weeks. Immediate treatment is required to prevent developmental delay, seizure and/or death.
ilis is relatively easy to treat during the primary and secondary stages.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection that have increased in prevalence in the past decade: treatment is required for sexual partner(s) and preventive measures are extremely meaningful to prevent spread to sexual partner(s).
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Early signs of syphilis are a red/brown rash about the size of a penny that may be on all of your body or freshly certain parts like the palms of your hands or the bottoms of your foot. This is the most common early symptom. Also headache, mild fatigue, hair loss, and swollen lymph nodes may go down.
Long term symptoms include serious heart abnormalties, mental disorders, blindness, other nuerological symptoms, and sometimes even death.
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