Can you achieve an std from a guy if he rubs his penis against your v spot next to pre *** ?

can a guy give you an std of he rubs his penis against your v spot with nothingagainst..but you dont let him go inside you he just rubbed his penis against your v spot twice and i dream up he had pre *** on it and then he cums on your stomach ..? he says he dint hold anything but i am not sure .....and that's why it didn't go any further then that .//.what do you think ?> please fully grown answers
Answers:    yea, you can , but just be careful next time, similar to say youll use your hand without a condom, but as soon as it get heated put a condom on, have one nearby and it wont be a big deal
Yes. Anytime nearby is an exchange or possible exchange of bodily fluids you can get an STD. Get tested just to be safe and use a condom subsequent time. Source(s): I teach health to high college students.
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How are STDs spread?

Many STDs are spread through contact with infected body fluids, such as blood, vaginal fluids, or semen. They can also be spread through contact with infected skin or mucous membranes, like sores surrounded by the mouth. You may be exposed to infected body fluids and skin through vaginal, anal or oral sex. Anal sex is very risky because it usually causes bleeding. Sharing needles or syringes for drug use, ear piercing, tattooing, etc. can also expose you to infected fluids.
STDs are only spread through direct sexual contact near an infected person. However, pubic lice and scabies can be spread through close personal contact with an infected person, or beside infested clothes, sheets, or towels.
yes and possibly get pregnant too , but not likely, be careful, use a condom

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