If I bought panties & wore them minus wash them could I win an STD?

And I'm aware that you're not supposed to try on panties but it's definitely possible to.
Answers:    No you should be okay. Most STI bacteria and viruses don't live outside of the body for that long.
if it sore to the touch then it might be herpes u should def wash any item of clothing u try on u can gain anything from wearing panties expecially if the person is dirty,cause u never know who wear the item first,u ever look at some people and speak they have to have something well that personality might have worn those first ok so get checked asap ok cause it might be herpes hun,if it start hurting wen u pee next def get checked out but do it regardless to be on the safe side Source(s): i was study to be an o.b.g.y.n so im pretty sure and i know my * so
yes you enjoy the victorias secret std. its a new diagnosis, its the *!! there is no opening you can get it that way. you can get a dummy std!
You asked "What are the chances?" i can't honestly answer that question but i can tell you that you can within fact contract things like crabs and such from not washing underwear, in recent times as you can get lice from buying a hat that has be tried on before.
good luck
No, You do not have an STD. I HIGHLY doubt that. if you are o worried go to your doctor or local planned parenthood(it's free in attendance if your a minor) and get tested.
race can get STDs from infected toilet seats so i imagine you could bring back it from panties, but wtf, i highly doubt that one pair of panties you bought had be tried on by a dirty girl, so dont worry...
first, wash the panties before putting them on, second, why would you put them on when other women enjoy worn them?
What is the point of asking here nobody knows whether you did or not go downthe clinic and get checked out...cheech
it's possible! Also, think past you try that lipstick at the store. O_O
Not at all! There are only 5 fluids that transmit HIV and other STDs they are:

1) semen
2) ejaculate
5) breast milk

As long as none of these fluids are transferred you are fine. There are myths out near that HIV can be spread by saliva, mucus, earwax, urine, feces, touching, etc. NONE OF THESE ARE TRUE
STDs can be contracted through skin to skin contact with and infected person these are: syphilis, herpes, and HPV (genital warts)

P.S. None of these STDs can live outside of the body for more than a minute or so. You CANNOT get infected from toilet chairs or underwear or anything of that nature.
NO you don't own a chance of getting an std or herpes that way.
Stds are sexually transmitted diseases. They do not survive in interested air on objects for more then seconds. Herpes like skin to skin contact during sex to be transmitted. The only thing you could possibly get is crabs which last longer then most stds in open nouns, but even then slim chance of that happening.
If you're worried consequently see your gyno or doctor.

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