The disadvantages of traditional medication surrounded by diabetes?

i am doing a research paper, help. now, compared to modern tablets like insulin, are herbs ineffective for high-risk diabetes? and how can you say that herb should be taken in larger amounts than in supplements? how can you say so? please explain
Answers:    Well, first you own to distinguish the types of diabetes. You could start your paper with an explanation of the types of diabetes: maybe cover type 1, type 2, and gestational.
move onto the impact of herb on those different types of diabetes. For type 1 diabetics, no herb will be sufficient. They can certainly help, but minus insulin, a type 1 diabetic will die. For example, cinnamon helps keep sugars lower and more maintainable.

For type 2 diabetics, if they're only on diet restrictions and exercise plans, next herbs might help a little bit (ie, something close to cinnamon), but they still won't be as effective because they're not able to target the problem directly (in other words, herbs won't focus solely on the pancreas, surrounded by the same way that specialized, advanced medicine does).

Hope this helps.
There is no other treatment for Type 1 diabetes than insulin, if that's what you tight by "high risk". Without it we would be dead in 2-3 days. There are some supplements that assistance with complications, such as alpha lipoic acid to ease symptoms of neuropathy and fish grease to protect the heart, but they do nothing to lower blood glucose. There are no herbs that do it, either, even cinnamon have been disproven. Source(s): Type 1 for 25 years

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