My daughter ate her gummy vitamins....?

My daughter is 3 years old, and she managed to climb up and get her gummy vitamins today. (I revulsion that they taste so good.. she doesn't realize its medicine!) They are the flintstone gummy take on vitamins if anyone is familiar with them. I have no opinion how many she ate... She was only alone for a few minutes, so I'm hoping not too various. I'm not sure how full the bottle was though but I'm thinking about half full and here was about 12 vitamins left contained by the bottle after I found her. I'm thinking she ate anywhere between 20-30 vitamins. I called poison control immediately (I freaked out lol..) they said that she would be OK, that she'd have to transport 2 whole bottles of them to have any serious problems... They said she'd only get hold of nauseated probably... However, about 30 minutes after she ate them I noticed a small rash on her arm. I freshly overlooked it because we had been out in the sun for awhile playing (I figure it was heat rash). Well now a couple hours enjoy passed and I went to give her a bath and she have the same rash down her legs and on her butt. Her cheeks are also bright red. The rash and cheeks resemble fifth's disease.. but not as fruitless, if that makes sense? She's had fifth's disease before so I don't chew over she could get it again... and its a huge coincidence if she did.

I'm not sure if its related... I called poison control vertebrae and the guy seemed to not be worried, he said it was from something else... but when I looked up online, a symptom of vitamin a overdose is a rash... Please assist me! I called the ER and they said they are COMPLETELY packed full of patients right now and it'd be hours since I saw a doctor... If someone can give me some information that's soothing to my mind I can wait until tomorrow and take her to the clinic if it's still in attendance. Only professional replies (or experienced replies) Thanks!!
Answers:     Yes, she'll be absolutely fine. My friend's little sister ate an entire full bottle of those once... she was without fault unharmed. As I type this, there's a bottle of Flinstones gummy vitamins sitting right next to me =D.
i done that when i wasa kid now im 23 and im a burn out and a alcholic, also i have a low self esstem and no social natural life, do you think the vitams did that to me ...hell no LOL shes fine
First, calling poison control was totally the right thing to do. If they've assured you that she will be okay, I'd trust them. As I understand it, iron is the central cause for worry, so you might double check that these vitamins don't have any surrounded by them.
rash is probably a 'niacin flush'. Niacin (a B vitamin) can causes a harmless red unwary that goes away after a couple of hours. It would look a lot like fifth's disease, but would not second terribly long.

I'm not a doctor, and I do of course recommend that you call one if you're worried. But if poison control have cleared her, and if there's niacin in the vitamin, she's probably fine.
If poisen control said she would be OK and the ER didn't say to pinch her right in, she will probably be just fine. She might like an oatmeal hip bath to soothe her rash and you might call her pediatrician and leave a message to see if she can be see in the morning.

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